Where it all

“David Roddie is a fantastic collaborator, his songwriting has blossomed in a really unbelievable way and has some really special songs coming out of his heart and his head at the moment”

— David Scott, The Pearfishers

My love for music started back when I was at primary school where I would involve myself in any musical activities that were available to me. For years I hesitated to release my music, just seeing my writing as a cathartic way to document my life. In my teens I was accidentally and reluctantly enrolled as the lead singer/guitarist in a band I formed with high school friends and as I was never keen on trying to emulate other artists or cover popular songs I decided I would have a go at writing my own songs. So I then became the main songwriter for the band and that's where it all started.


After several very enjoyable years, I stopped playing and performing in the band to focus on establishing a recording studio business venture. I opened recording and rehearsal studios when I was 20 years old and nurtured that business for over 10 years. In most of that time, I never performed live or wrote many songs to completion other than writing for clients of the studio.

After I decided to sell a large section of my business I found that I had the time to reflect on my current situation and I decided I wanted to pursue writing again.


“David Roddie is a remarkably talented singer songwriter and producer. Go see him live, great energy and patter”

— Ross Macfaden Celtic Music Radio

Since I decided to write music again I have traveled throughout the UK, to Toronto in Canada and to Chicago in the United States to write with other artists and songwriters, I have completed a Master degree in Songwriting and Performance at the University of the West of Scotland and even won their prestigious songwriting award at the 2014 annual creative and cultural industries showcase.

“I’m constantly delighted and inspired by Davie’s songs of life, loss and love as well as being truly amazed by his innate ability to easily pick up the finer nuances of Gaelic vocable singing.......!”

— Fiona J Mackenzie, Gaelic singer songwriter

Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing musicians and songwriters including David Scott of the "Pearlfishers", singer songwriters Jo Mango, Becci Wallace, Duncan McNaught and Maeve O'Boyle to name just a few and I even learned to sing in Gaelic when writing with award winning gaelic singer songwriter Fiona J Mackenzie.

I released my debut single "Wolves (at my door)"  in 2014  and my second single "Green Door and Star Wars" earlier this year. I am mixing and recording my debut album "Boy no More" scheduled for release Autumn 2015.